About the European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers’ Association


The voice of tyre and rubber goods producers to various European institutions, ETRMA activities focus on the following key interdependent areas; representation, co-ordination, communication, promotion and technical liaison.


The primary objective of ETRMA is to represent the regulatory and related interests of the European tyre and rubber manufacturers at both European and international levels. ETRMA is the sole interlocutor, specifically designated by the European tyre and rubber producers to carry out this critical task. To work effectively, we are involved in continual dialogue with the relevant EU and international institutions, national agencies and other industry sectors.


Efficient representation requires effective co-ordination between members. ETRMA acts as the co-ordination centre for the European tyre and rubber industry.


Successful representation and co-ordination activities require clear and effective communication, both with our members and external institutions. ETRMA is committed to ensuring that our members are always consulted both clearly and efficiently on any policies and regulatory issues that might affect the sector. In addition, we are fully committed to defining and communicating the common position of our members to the relevant authorities on these issues.


ETRMA endeavours to further enhance the image of the tyre and rubber industry by informing authorities of our policies and subsequent actions in areas including the economy, health, safety & environmental protection and transport. ETRMA is committed to ensuring public awareness of the significant advances achieved by the tyre and rubber manufacturers in these different areas.

Tyre Technical Liaison

ETRMA works closely with ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation), which is responsible for standardisation, tyre technical performance and technical regulations for tyres, rims and valves.