Global Partnership

Industry sharing of Best Practices at global level

Over the years, collaboration within the tyre sector has been strongly reinforced at the global level. Colleagues from our Japanese sister organisation (JATMA) and from the US sister association (U.S.TMA) have notably expressed the need to enlarge discussions to include more regular focus on key issues on their respective agendas.
Recently ETRMA has also opened a regular exchange with CRIA.

Today the areas mainly cover health, safety and environment priorities. Indeed, learning the experience and activities of colleagues from other parts of the world contributes immensely to building the knowledge base essential for making continuous improvements in the production and management of tyres until their final use and disposal.

This international cooperation also includes trade issues with a view to making common efforts to improve and sustain fair-trading for tyres/rubber products.
The discussions on tyre Regulations and standards within the international arena of the United Nations WP29 also provide an important opportunity for exchange of experience and goals. The European tyre industry is a key contributor to the Geneva discussions through our technical sister organisation, ETRTO.


International co-operation on rubber

Natural rubber and synthetic rubber are essential raw materials used in the manufacturing of tyres and general rubber goods.
The IRSG (International Rubber Study Group) of which ETRMA is a member, provides a forum for the discussion of matters affecting the supply and demand of both synthetic and natural rubber. Based in Singapore, it covers all aspects of the world rubber industry, including marketing, shipping, distribution and trade in raw materials and the manufacture and sale of rubber products.

ETRMA remains a long-standing active member of the International Rubber Association (IRA), located in Thailand. The Association provides a readily available platform for the exchange of views between members of the various sectors of the world rubber producing, consuming and trading industry.