CARS 2020

CARS 2020: for a strong, competitive and sustainable European car industry

On 8 November 2012, the European Commission released the CARS 2020 Action Plan that aims to reinforce the industry's competitiveness and sustainability towards 2020.

The automotive industry is vital for Europe and it therefore needs to maintain its leading role, providing high-skilled jobs to millions of people despite the ongoing crisis.  The tyre sector is an essential part of this industry and has been severely hit by the current economic downturn.  It is for this reason that ETRMA supports a swift implementation of the measures presented in the CARS 2020 action plan.

These are built to achieve the following goals:

  • Promote investment in advanced technologies and innovation for clean vehicles;
  • Improve market conditions;
  • Support industry in accessing the global market;
  • Promote investment in skills and training to accompany structural change and anticipate employment and skills needs.

The Action Plan builds on the outcome of the CARS21 High Level Group and it is the first step of the policy priorities proposed in the recent Communication on Industrial Policy.