IMDS-GADSL for Rubber Goods & Tyres

International Material Data System (IMDS)

The demand of having a better awareness of substances and components used is reinforced with the requirements of some EC Directives.

The International Material Data System (IMDS), launched in 2000, has become a global reporting standard tool used by almost all the global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The system was designed to collect, maintain, analyse and archive information on materials used for automotive components. Over time it has been adapted to meet the obligations placed on automobile manufacturers, and thus on their suppliers, by national and international standards, laws and regulations, scientific findings and risk assessments, according to the Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL). The tyre and rubber industry has been actively involved in discussions with automotive manufacturers to ensure that the IMDS system remains workable and that the GADSL is properly updated.

Rubber goods make up some 5% of the vehicle weight and vehicle manufacturers will be increasing their requirements from their suppliers in fulfilling their obligations, such as the International Material Data System (IMDS) - an internet-based reporting system created in 2000 by the German automotive industry (VDA) - with the aim of knowing the detailed composition of any component supplied to the automotive industry. ETRMA provides specific assistance to rubber companies to help them in filling in the database as per VDA requirements.

Link: Material Data System for the Global Automotive Industry


Global Automotive Declarable Substances List (GADSL)

In connection with the IMDS activity, at the end of 2004 our Sector joined a European working group. This was aimed at establishing a common list of substances that either have to be declared or cannot be used in the production of automotive parts and resulted in the creation of the Global Automotive Declarable Substances List (GADSL). This list is supported by both the European and American car manufacturers and their suppliers and the Japanese and Korean car manufacturers also joined the initiative in 2006.

As a member of this European stakeholders group, ETRMA actively contributes to the annual review of the list and provides relevant input on substances that are important to our sector.

Link: Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL)