Exposure scenarios

The ETRMA Exposure Scenario's are being revised.
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In accordance with EC Regulation 1907/2006 Registration, Evaluation, and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH) Article 37(2), a downstream user (DU) has the right to make a use known in writing to the manufacturer, importer, downstream user or distributor who supplies him with a substance on its own or in a preparation with the aim of making this an identified use. In making the use known, sufficient information shall be provided to prepare an exposure scenario, or if appropriate a use and exposure category, for that downstream use in the registrants chemical safety assessment.

On behalf of ETRMA member companies as downstream users (DU) of chemicals, and as a supplement to the "Identified Uses", the Generic Exposure Scenario (GES) for the tyre and General Rubber Goods (GRG) industry provide sector specific information for registrants to perform chemical safety assessments for substances used within the rubber manufacturing industry and properly compile REACH registration dossiers.


Content of the Generic Exposure Scenario

The information provided is assembled based on the CEFIC template for dialog between DU and suppliers created as part of the REACH Guidance on ES development and supply chain communication. The ETRMA GESs are designed to facilitate specific exposure scenario (SES) development, however, an emphasis has been placed on the information required for a Tier 1 analysis to develop broad ES inclusive of all facilities. The ETRMA GES Tyre and GES GRG spreadsheets consist of:

  • Schematic of GRG Manufacturing Process (Formulation and Industrial Use)
  • GES Data, including: production phases, activities, operational conditions, risk management measures, and a cross-reference to TGD Substance Class usage and concentrations.
  • Risk Management Measure reference sheets
  • Environmental emission factors
  • Transformation products


Next steps following Tier 1 assessment

GES should be considered as a starting point for exposure and risk assessment work. It is expected to be subject to future modifications and refinement, as further details are still being researched. It is further expected that registrants of a substances calculating risk characterisation ratios > 1, thus not demonstrating “Safe Use”, as a result of the above data shall contact ETRMA as soon as possible for further discussion on data/information refinement options.


Contact at ETRMA

For obtaining substance-specific information, please address your request by email to technical@etrma.org, specifying:

  • Name/company and contact details of the person requesting information (registrant)
  • Name of the substance intended to be registered
  • CAS and/or EINECS number of the substance intended to be registered
  • Contact details of the lead registrant (if applicable)
  • Sector: Tyres or General Rubber Goods