PAH rich oil restriction

First REACH enforcement programme

On 1 January 2010, the use of high-PAH oils for the production of tyres was banned (REACH Annex XVII, entry 50).

With the aim of ensuring level playing field, ETRMA developed an extensive testing programme for checking compliance of tyres placed on the European market. The first round results of this ongoing programme were presented in Geneva on 1 March 2011 and sent to national authorities responsible for REACH enforcement. 184 tests were performed on 110 tyres produced under 45 different brands: 10% of all tyres tested were found to be non-compliant (all were imported).

Through this action ETRMA is calling on the EU and national authorities to intensify and broaden their own testing and enforcement activities; and to impose swift and dissuasive sanctions on those who do not comply with the EU law. On the other hand, it is equally important that tyre distributors, importers and the retail industry do request confirmation from their suppliers that their tyres are fully compliant with the REACH regulation.


PAH Compliance Certification Templates

ETRMA has been asked by manufacturers, EU importers/wholesalers and others to provide templates for issuing a certification that their tyres comply with the PAH restrictions set out in Entry #50 of Annex XVII of the EU REACH Regulation.  ETRMA, as the official representative of the tyre industry in Europe, is the appropriate body to suggest templates that can be used throughout the tyre supply chain within the EU market.

Before using the following templates, read carefully the "Declaration of conformity guidance" available in the related documents (disclamer):