Connected & Autonomous Driving

Tyres and Connected and Autonomous driving, a question of...

...fair access to data!

The increasing connectivity of vehicles is a game changer for the entire automotive value chain of which tyres are an essential element. As stated by the High Level Group of GEAR 2030 in its final report, to continue innovating and improving the general vehicle safety, there will be the need for provisions for direct, safe and secure access to a wide set of in-vehicle data for the provision of connected services, and this will certainly be an area of intensive work going forward.

This means unimpeded access to in-vehicle data is an essential element to ensure...

...road safety!

Tyres remain an essential safety feature of the vehicle and in the context of connected and autonomous driving, there is the need to be able to:

- Secure proper vehicle fitment;
- Predict possible tyre problems;
- Detect issues when they occur;
- Suggest solutions;
- Take action when the driver is unable to do so.



Tyre manufacturers need to be on an equal footing to develop ever more performing tyres:


- Learn about the use of tyres made by the consumers;

- Receive information regarding tyre interaction with the environment (road, climate, etc.);

- Develop increasingly tailored, better performing, products.


...fair competition!

Consumers need to retain the ability to choose their tyres:


- Proposal of services needs not be restricted by vehicle manufacturers & B2B agreements;
- Tyres will be increasingly tailored to the consumers’ needs and they need to be able to make the best choice.




What has been the work at EU level so far?