EIP on Raw Materials HLSG


The European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials (EIP on Raw Materials) was launched in February 2013 with the objective of ensuring security of sustainable supply of raw materials. This will be achieved by providing Europe with enough flexibility and alternatives in the supply of important raw materials by becoming the world leader by 2020 in exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and substitution.

In practice, the EIP is expected to trigger innovation mechanisms to achieve its objectives. These include new policy tools at EU level and innovation-friendly regulatory conditions at Member States level to support the development of innovations - both technology-based and nontechnology-based. Investing in people (skills) and in stimulating the excellence in the science base is also at the core of the initiatives that should spring from the Partnership together with the promotion of targeted standardisation and public procurement instruments.

To this end, the EIP will bring together Member States and other stakeholders (companies, associations, NGOs, researchers etc.) to develop joint strategies, pull together capital and human resources and ensure the implementation and dissemination of innovative solutions within Europe.

Since Natural Rubber is an essential raw material for the European industry and one for which Europe is totally dependent on imports, ETRMA was invited to participate in the High Level Steering Group with its President. Furthermore, ETRMA is represented in the Sherpa group with its Secretary General, as well as in four of the five Work Packages. These are:

WP1 - Exploration, extraction, processing, recycling ...

WP2 - Substitution, alternative functionalities and materials

WP3 - Improving Europe's raw materials regulatory framework conditions, knowledge base and infrastructure; e.g. data interoperability and availability

WP4 - Improving Europe's recycling regulatory framework conditions and excellence; e.g. public procurement, private initiatives

WP5 - International cooperation

The High Level Steering Group of the EIP will finalise a Strategic Implementation Plan by July, which should be operative already in the second half of 2013.