Freight transport

" Choosing the right tyre can impact fuel consumption, it affects a vehicle’s performance in terms of road safety and noise production. Options are available on the market that will meet requirements at all levels and that will follow furthertechnolgical improvements. Other aspects contributing to reducing CO2 emissions are the material composition of the tyre (e.g. for low rolling resistance tyres), tyre dimensions (standard or single wide tyres) and the use of a tyre pressure monitoring system (for optimized tyre pressure).

In this context, the EU tyre industry has since long time taken a proactive approach and is engaged in reducing CO2 emissions through new and advanced tyre technologies whilst promoting road safety and other regulatory measures, such as the tyre label; it supports the EC initiative to reduce Heavy Duty Vehicle (HDV) CO2 emissions and foresees reducing on average tyre rolling resistance coefficient[1] by 1% per annum.

Furthermore, the sector stresses the need to extend the mandatory fitment of TPMS to HDV and requests effective and harmonized enforcement of existing and future tyre regulations. "


1 Rolling resistance can be expressed with the rolling resistance coefficient (RRC), which is the value of the rolling resistance force divided by the wheel load. A lower coefficient means the tyres will use less energy to travel a certain distance. This cannot be just lowered as for instance safety aspects are also to be considered. Rolling resistance (RR) is just one of several antagonistic performances required for a tyre at the same time as grip, safety/endurance, noise, road handling or braking. When efforts are taken to improve tyre RR the effects on other parameters have to be considered in order to not compromise on safety. This means that changing one performance has a direct effect on the others. Therefore, no one tyre characteristic should be regulated in isolation from the others, a principle that the European legislator has also embraced (EC/1222/2009 and EC/661/2009).