European Automotive Skills Council

The European Sector Skills Council for the Automotive Industry (EASC) is funded by the European Commission DG Employment and it aims at establishing a networking platform with focus on skills issues in the automotive sector. Project partners CLEPA, ETRMA and industriAll - with the support of ACEA and CEEMET - have been trusted with the establishment of this networking platform which will enable and facilitate the exchange of best practices at European level in terms of anticipating and managing skills requirements for the automotive industry.

Growing from a core group of five to 13 members from across more than a dozen EU Member States, the EASC was created to serve as a framework platform for identifying skills challenges and drawing up solutions for the automotive sector.

The EASC’s work is also supported by the GEAR2030 stakeholder initiative which seeks to maintain and promote the technological leadership of the European automotive industry by sustainably furthering competitiveness around a high value added model.

The final conference of the first phase of the Council was held on 26 February 2016 and offered industry insights of how to meet these challenges and to remain a world leader in automotive innovation and excellence. The first year of operation of the Skills Council focussed on the identification of certain drivers of change and their impact on skills and qualifications, including: advanced materials, advanced manufacturing, complex and global supply chains, life cycle design and pollution prevention, active safety, automated driving and connectivity along with decarbonisation, electrification and hybridisation.

The findings of the Council and its recommendations are summarised in the Final Report.

Pictures of the EASC Final Conference