Innovative Education Tools


As underlined by DG Employment in its 2015 Management Plan, in the EU "Severe unemployment coexists with an ageing workforce, shortages of skilled workers and skill mismatches". This is particularly true for the tyre and rubber industries, whose fast technological evolution has made this challenge all the more acute.

Whilst there is not a one and only solution to this issue, ETRMA believes that the digitalisation of learning, in the form of MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses), MOOD (Massive Online Open Degrees) and others, could help improving the labour market performance, in terms of access to the labour market, in support of apprenticeships and promotion of life-long learning.

Whilst it still to be seen whether Open Education Resources really are "the first genuine revolution since Gutenberg" and whether they can really help delivering the skills needed by the labour market, the European tyre and rubber industry is taking up the challenge through these innovative tools to maximise active training and learning.

Through this panel discussion, ETRMA would like to highlight both the needs and the initiatives of the European industry and involve key institutional and civil society stakeholders to see how these fit in the wider picture and what can be done to maximise their impact.


From left to right: Mr Mr Christian Caleca - Director of SNCP, Mr Peter Baur - DG EAC, European Commission, Mr Federico Brugnoli - Consultant to the Automotive Skills Council, Mr Dan Luca - EurActiv, Prof. Andras Szucs - EDEN/EUCIS-LLL, Mr Christian Kötz - President ETRMA, Continental, Prof. Mauro Velardocchia, Politecnico di Torino, Ms Fazilet Cinaralp - Secretary General ETRMA