European Road Safety Charter

In line with the tyre industry's continuous proactive engagement and innovations towards enhancing the security of road users and vehicles, ETRMA became signatory to the European Road Safety Charter at the occasion of the Europe 1st Road Safety Day, i.e. 27 April 2007.

The Charter initiative is part of the European Commission objective to halve the number of traffic deaths in the European Union between 2001 and 2010 i.e. saving approximately 20,000 lives annually. ETRMA commitments perfectly fit with this goal.

In particular, during the 2nd European Road Safety Day organized by the European Commission in Paris on 13 October 2008, ETRMA actively promoted on its booth the European-wide safe driving campaigns launched by its members especially at national level.

Based on the materials provided by tyre safety organisations Pneumatici sotto controllo (Italy) and TyreSafe (UK), a large number of participants either from public authorities, companies, road safety associations, or driving schools were alerted on the importance of having a correct tyre pressure, and the need to regularly checking tyre tread depth. A sensitization on the importance of equipping his vehicle with winter tyres in real winter season conditions was also provided.

Participants were also invited to test their driving behaviours on the road through the e-safety quiz: Are you driving safely'.

The valuable contribution of ETRMA to the 2nd Road Safety Day was particularly recognised with the respective visits to our booth of the EC Vice-President at that time in charge of Transport, Mr Antonio Tajani and of the EC Head of Road Safety Unit, Mrs Isabelle Kardacz.
Both of them encouraged ETRMA to actively pursue the development of dedicated safe driving initiatives in the near future.