Rubber goods for construction

Rubber articles represent essential components for many construction related elements:

  • Doors, windows, shutteers, gates: rubber sealing profiles, door stops, profiled seals;
  • Thermal insulation products: cellular insulation tubes, expansion sleeves
  • Structural bearings: earthquake isolation bearings, bridge bearings
  • Chimneys: sealing profiles for joining part of chimneys
  • Fixed fir fighting equipment: seals, rubber fire hoses
  • Geomembranes and roof coverings: EPDM membranes
  • Sanitary appliances: fluid piping plugs, tap washers
  • Waste water engineering: rubber sealing systems
  • Floorings: rubber floor and wall veerings, mats, rubber carpets, moving walkway
  • Construction adhesives: neoprene rubber, SBR,…
  • Sealants for joints: butyl, sealant mastic