Management schemes

What are the issues facing the tyre industry in the realm of end of life tyres?

EU Member States have to be in compliance with the EU legislation in transposing the Directives into local legislation. They are free to set national initiatives to reach the EU targets. In regard to the development of waste management policies at national level, the Landfill Directive (EC Directive 1999/31) has been a major driver for setting ELT management systems in Europe.

Tyre manufacturers are also facing growing environmental pressure from the general public and other stakeholders concerning illegal dumping and historic stockpiles.

For all these reasons it is in the interests of the tyre industry to continue being proactive and take responsibility collectively for end of life tyres.

Today within the EU there are three different systems for managing end of life tyres:

The latest country in Europe having shifted to a collective Producer Responsibility system is Ireland. Both Czech and Slovak Republic have also recently adopted an EPR regime. 

* To get access to the websites of ELT management companies set up at the initiative of ETRMA tyre members, click on the icons on the map.

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