Fight against fraud

With the development of internet tyre sales in Europe, a growing number of tyres are presented for collection without having financially contributed to their recovery. This situation is unsustainable in the long run, as it is impossible to recover millions of tyres every year free of charge and it is unfair to transfer those costs to tyre producers duly paying the eco fee.

By way of illustration, in order to ensure a balance between producers, the French government has imposed administrative fines for producers not respecting their regulatory obligations. After examination of how seriously they fail to respect these obligations and the advantages they have obtained as a result, this fine can be as much as € 7,500 "per product unit manufactured, imported or distributed" - in this case, per tyre.

ETRMA will be taking initiatives at EU level to quantify this phenomenon and initiate some political awareness actions to ensure all tyre producers and importers are treated equally, in countries with producer responsibility obligations.