The ongoing development of quality standards for ELT derived materials at CEN level (TC366) together with high ELT recycling and recovery performance achieved throughout Europe is a major step towards getting the end of waste status for ELT derived products.

Furthermore, the development of EU standards contributes to a significant increase of the level of quality of tyre derived products while opening the market to new applications, promoting technology exchanges and access to know-how and innovation and protecting the environment.

Further to the publication in May 2010 of CEN TS14243, which aims at characterising the different materials derived from end of life tyres in terms of dimensions (ELT cuts, shreds, chips, granules and powders) and impurities (steel & textile) using harmonised methods of sampling and testing.

Work is on-going in CEN TC366 to validate CEN TS14243 into an EN standard and to develop standards related to certain physical, composition characteristics of the materials produced from ELTs as well as to determine general properties of whole tyres as required for further processing.

ETRMA has been active in promoting EU standards for ELT derived materials since 2000.
It is an observer in CEN TC366 (Materials obtained from ELTs) and in CEN TC217 (Sport surfaces) since April 2011.