Worldwide perspective

The global tyre output is estimated at 1.5 bn units [1] and subsequently just as many will fall into the category of end-of-life tyres. Over the last 18 years recovery rates for ELT have dramatically increased in Europe, Japan, Korea and the US.

At the same time, the cost of recycling to the consumer has decreased due to both increased efficiency in management structures and new recovery routes.

This shift shows that ELT-derived products can legitimately be recognized as a valuable secondary raw material or an alternative fuel. In 2011, EU27+NO+CH was faced with the challenge of managing, in an environmentally sound manner, about 3.27 million tonnes of used tyres (including tyres for retreading and reuse/export), the same quantity as in 2008 and slightly down (-0.2%) compared to 2010.

[1] IRSG, "The World Rubber Industry Review and Prospects to 2020", December 2010