Role & Responsibility

Responsibility of the producers and/or importers
The information on classes (RR / wet grip / noise) will be visible on:

  • the sticker or a label (only for passenger cars and commercial vans)
  • the technical documentation
  • Internet


Responsibility of the distributors
At point of sale:

  • if tyres are visible to the consumer, they must carry a sticker delivered by the producer or have a label print immediately next to the tyre, in a clearly visible position
  • if tyres are not visible to the final consumer, the distributor shall provide end users with information on the fuel efficiency class, wet grip class and external rolling noise class and measured value of those tyres
  • whenever tyres are offered for sale (on-line, phone, written offer...),  the distributors shall provide end users with information on the fuel efficiency class, wet grip class and external rolling noise class and measured value of those tyres before the sale
  • the class information must be integrated on or with the invoices delivered to the end user


Responsibility of the vehicle manufacturers and distributors

  • Where end users are offered a choice at the point of sale between different tyres to be fitted on a new vehicle which they are intending to acquire, vehicle suppliers and distributors shall, before the sale, provide them with information, for each of the tyres offered, on the fuel efficiency class, the wet grip class and the external rolling noise class and the measured value. That information shall be included at least in the technical promotional material