Rubber automotive products cover a broad range of quality rubber parts for cars, trucks and motorcycles.  These technical products, which make up some 5 % of the vehicle weight, contribute to guarantee the rigorous quality and safety of the motor vehicles.

From individual products to fully integrated systems, ETRMA members competencies varies from complete design, development, testing and validation capabilities to solving problems and meeting specialised needs of the automotive industry.

Although being rather specific, the end of life vehicles Directive (2000/53/EC) has a significant effect on rubber automotive products and particularly in article 8(2), which lays down that the European Commission shall establish components and material coding standards to facilitate the reuse and recovery of the components.

ETRMA members contributed with the European Commission and fully supported the adoption of the Commission Decision of 27 February 2003, which lays down that for the labelling and identification of vehicle elastomer components and materials having a weight of more than 200 grams, the ISO 1629 Rubbers and latices nomenclature would apply.  Rubber parts below 200 grams are exempted from marking requirements.

The provisions of the end of life vehicles Directive in seeking to verify the recyclability of vehicles, have also contributed to enhance the co-operation between producers of rubber automotive parts and the car industry through for instance the contribution to the International Material Data System (IMDS) set up in 2000 by the German automotive industry (VDA).  More information on ETRMA IMDS webpage.