Contribution to the Roadmap on the EU Strategy for a Sustainable and Smart Mobility

29 July 2020

ETRMA represents European tyre and rubber goods manufactueres - a sector that has a crucial role in moving people and goods around Europe and the world, in a sustainable manner.

ETRMA welcomes the publication of the Roadmap as well as its focus to combine green and digital transitions with competitiveness and resilience. The same elements play a key role in the identified pathway for recovery published by ETRMA on 12 May, when the sector asked to prioritize the initiatives to achieve climate neutrality and digital transition, and requested a supportive and reasonable timing to the overall changing regulatory framework.

In this context, ETRMA welcomes the coherent approach between the projected new transport strategy, the Green Deal and the EU COVID-19 recovery plan and is happy to contribute to this consultation and indicate ways to make the best use of existing tools to achieve these shared objectives and to indicate the gaps that need filling to deliver on such objectives.

Please find the full position of ETRMA at this link.

The page of the consultation can be seen at this link.