ETRMA Feedback to European Commission Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability Road Map

19 June 2020

The use of chemicals in the rubber industry is of outmost importance, to mention there are more than 1600 substances registered under REACH for its use in the sector of rubber manufacturing, even if in the individual production processes, relatively few chemicals are used. The strong and robust chemical regulatory framework in Europe has placed the rubber industry at the foreground on chemical compliance, and strengthened its position worldwide.
The initiative presented by the Commission on setting a Chemical Strategy for Sustainability is an opportunity for the rubber sector. Over the last years, ETRMA has voiced industry’s view on the initiatives named in the Road Map as stakeholder. We see the proposed strategy as an opportunity to add coherence, simplicity and accuracy to the entire regulatory framework and boost rubber´s industry move towards meeting the green deal´s objectives. In order to do so, we wish to highlight the following relevant points.