Association of European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers elects new President and Vice President

09 November 2023

At its Board meeting of 9 November, ETRMA Members elected Chris Delaney of Goodyear as President of the Association for a two-year term of office starting on 1 January 2024. Mr Delaney is President EMEA of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company and currently serves on the Board of ETRMA. Dr Ralf Holschumacher of the German Rubber Industry Association (WDK) was elected Vice President at the meeting.

Following his election, Chris Delaney said ‘I look forward to working with the Secretariat and Members to drive ETRMA’s effectiveness and influence as the industry continues to face increased legislation and regulation’. He continued ‘With elections to the European Parliament and a new European Commission, 2024 will be a crucial year for the industry as we strive to provide safe and sustainable mobility for all, whilst recognising the decisive economic and social importance of the wider rubber and tyre sector”.

ETRMA Secretary General, Adam McCarthy welcomed Mr Delaney’s election saying ‘I am excited to be working with Chris Delaney as ETRMA continues its organisational evolution which will allow the industry to better engage to build a supportive legislative environment’. Both paid tribute to the work of outgoing President, Franco Annunziato of Bridgestone, Chris Delaney said ‘On behalf of the entire Membership I would like to note Franco Annunziato’s contribution and leadership of ETRMA and the wider tyre and rubber sector in Europe. He has shepherded the organisation leaving ETRMA stronger than before’. Key achievements of Mr Annunziato as President include:

  • Leading the Association on key regulatory topics such as Euro 7, Tyre Labelling and new tyre performances, whilst promoting an open dialogue with all stakeholders on issues such as tyre and road wear particles (TRWP) and the digital agenda;
  • The smooth transition of the Secretary General and initiating an overhaul of its governance and organisational structures, laying the foundations for a stronger and more proactive industry voice in Brussels; and
  • Promoting the global dialogue and alignment of the Global tyre industry to address critical Global issues.

Mr Annunziato said ‘I look back on my time as President of ETRMA with pride and wish the ETRMA and its incoming President and Vice President all the success in the future’.