ETRMA submits a response to the consultation on EURO 7

17 February 2023

The European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturing Association (ETRMA) supports the European Union's (EU) goal of cleaner mobility also beyond tailpipe, as well as the initiatives taken to regulate tyre abrasion. Regulating tyre abrasion by setting minimum standards is an appropriate lever to reduce the emission of Tyre Road Wear particles, which are considered a significant source of microplastics. The European tyre industry has been engaged on this issue for several years in particular, by supporting the development of a test method that could be used for regulatory purposes.

We call for:

  • The need for a reliable test method defined at UNECE level
  • Synchronisation of ongoing technical work and policy ambition for EURO 7
  • Related definitions for the purposes of tyre abrasion to be included in sychronisation with the UN Regulation
  • Feasible lead time for implementation
  • Indication that any new requirements will apply to all tyres produced after a certain date, to be decided according to the already consolidated approval process of test methods and abrasion limits defined in synchronization with the UN
  • Adequate enforcement and market surveillance

Read our full response below.