European Parliament vote on Tyre Labelling Regulation: ETRMA welcomes the revision and looks forward to its successful implementation

13 May 2020

Brussels, 13 May 2020 - The tyre industry welcomes the Tyre Labelling Regulation revision, which was voted on in today’s European Parliament plenary and is an important contribution to the Green Deal agenda. It will serve to better inform and further empower consumers when buying tyres and deliver wide market uptake of tyres with the best safety and environmental performances.

"The European tyre industry is fully committed to the Tyre Labelling Regulation and its success,” said Fazilet Cinaralp, Secretary General of ETRMA. This revision comes six years after the initial regulation and collaboration between industry and the European Institutions. It promotes industry innovation and benefits consumers by increasing consumer awareness of the label and strengthening market surveillance and enforcement in EU Member States.

To ensure its success, ETRMA supports the timely development and sufficient lead-time of all pieces of the revision, particularly the European Product Database for Energy Labelling (EPREL). The publicly available database registering tyre performance is important in strengthening the information chain between tyre manufacturers and authorities and improving market surveillance. However, as of today, the EPREL’s tyre application still needs to be developed.

The revision foresees the database to be completed before the final adoption of the proposal to allow for a smooth and orderly implementation of the regulation by 1 May 2021. Industry will need to upload information into the database about the tyres to be placed on the market – about 120,000 different types – by this date.

The industry has concerns that there might not be enough time to ensure a smooth transition to this new system amidst an already challenging environment that deals with these new requirements,” Fazilet Cinaralp continued.

This now depends on extraordinary efforts from the Institutions to develop the EPREL’s tyre application in a timely manner and industry to implement it effectively. We all want this regulation to succeed in improving the market uptake of those tyres performing at the highest safety and environmental standards,” Fazilet Cinaralp declared.

Committed to emerging from the public health crisis even stronger than before, industry stands ready to cooperate with EU Institutions to make this possible and looks forward to consumers using this updated tool to inform their choices towards tyres with the best safety and environmental performance.