Public Consultation

Input to the EU taxonomy stakeholder request mechanism

08 January 2024

ETRMA has submitted its input to the European Commission through the EU taxonomy stakeholder request mechanism on retreated tyres.

Retreading consists of replacing the tread on worn tyres, preserving the tyre's structure, called the casing, and reintroducing it into the distribution circuit of tyres. For tyres that are designed to be retreaded, it is possible to replace the tread with a new one while preserving the casing and avoid it being discarded.

Retreading optimises the use of raw materials and energy for production while also reducing waste. What is more, certain tyre types and tyre carcasses are suitable for multiple retreading activities, i.e. several life
extensions resulting in several additional hundreds of thousands of km with the same carcass.

The Tyre Industry has continuously supported the development of a tyre label for retreaded tyres.

At this stage, however, it is not possible to implement provisions linked to environmental criteria (rolling resistance, noise) for retreaded tyres, as such provisions have yet to be developed and implemented. However, once such provisions are in force, they should be included in the technical screening criteria.

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