The EU new tyre label

Are you aware of the novelties of the new EU Tyre Label regulation, which became of application on 1 May 2021?

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The EU is introducing a new labelling scheme for tyres

which came into force on May 1, 2021 with the intent to further increase the safety and the environmental and economic efficiency of road transport by promoting fuel-efficient and safe tyres with low noise levels.

The revised European tyre label will help making the way we buy tyres safer and greener.

Be aware that from 1 May the previous label will coexist with the revised one. The new label will be mandatory only for new tyres put in the market as from 1 May.

Are you aware of the new pictograms and their meaning on the new EU Tyre Label?

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On top of existing criteria on fuel efficiency, noise levels and wet grip performance,

the new label introduces additional pictograms to inform about enhanced snow grip and ice grip performance of the product (note: ice grip pictogram applies only to passenger car tyres).

With the new snow and ice grip pictograms, it is easier for the end user to identify and buy tyres that are specifically designed for areas with severe winter conditions, like central and Eastern Europe countries, Nordic countries, or mountain areas.

Are you aware that the new QR code gives you easy access to key information?

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The QR code, that can be scanned,

has been added to allow easy access to the European Product Registry for Energy Labelling (EPREL), where a product information sheet is available and can be downloaded as well as the tyre label.