Considering the amount of chemicals used in the tyre and rubber industry to manufacture the wide range of materials necessary to satisfy the properties of the vast field of rubber applications, chemicals related activites is one of the major areas in which ETRMA is involved.

Currently the focus is on REACH, CLP and Nanomaterials, involving cooperation up and down the supply chain with chemical suppliers and automotive manufacturers.


Cross-Industry Initiative (CII)

The Cross-Industry Initiative (CII), is an ad-hoc coalition of nearly 60 European, national organisations and companies, of which ETRMA is part.

The CII is aimed at achieving better regulation when managing chemicals in the workplace. In particular, the initiative proposes that workplace legislation be recognised as the most effective risk management option for substances where there is a need to address a risk limited to the workplace. Its members represent manufacturers as well as downstream users of chemicals, large companies and SMEs.

Activities carried out by the CII include research and exchange of views among members, to prepare documentation and define consistent and concrete proposals with a view to streamlining chemicals management in the EU. The outcomes of this work is then regularly presented to and discussed with the European Commission, other EU and national authorities, social partners and other stakeholders.

Link to CII  http://www.cii-reach-osh.eu/


CheMI Platform

Established in 2003, the CheMI platform was created to represent, during the creation of REACH, the interest of those downstream users of chemicals whose major role in the supply chain is to convert substances and preparations into articles. ETRMA is one of the founding members. CheMI, representing, 15 European industry associations, approximately 400 000 companies and more than 7 million employees, was reactivated in 2011 mainly to support the REACH revision, foreseen for 2012. CheMI has seats in the high level groups set by the European Commission and ECHA: CARACAL (Competent Authorities for REACH and CLP), DCG (Director's Contact Group and the related Sherpa Group), ENES (Exchange Network on Exposure Scenario) and Competent Authorities for Biocidal Products meetings.

Link to CheMI Platform website