Tyre-As-A-Service: How the tyre industry drives sustainable change

02 December 2022

ETRMA is pleased to published its “Tyre-As-A-Service” (TaaS) brochure which showcases the positive impact of tyres on responding to common societal needs, such as road safety, emission reduction, energy and fuel savings.

The European tyre industry brings answers to the mobility and sustainability needs, tapping into its knowledge base, built up over decades.The strong contribution brought to society can be concretely showcased by business cases of Tyre-as-a Service (TaaS), which use innovative telematics solutions.

In a broader sense, Tyre-as-a-Service (TaaS) is much more than tyres, and today tyre makers have already developed a diversified pool of telematics solutions for data sharing, connected vehicles and mobility.

In a narrower sense, Tyre-as-a-Service (TaaS) describes the concept of providing tyres and the associated services under a subscription model with strong consideration of all direct and indirect safety, environmental, economic and usability impacts, for the customers and the society. The optimization of TaaS requires in-depth understanding of all specific aspects for each application case. The development of this understanding requires the availability, collection, and processing of vehicle, environmental, and operational data.

This has immense potential to increase road safety, reduce vehicle emissions and decongest urban roads, particularly if we think about the strong acceleration that digitalisation of all sectors is giving to the mobility world.

Already today, consumers and businesses can benefit from TaaS, ranging from small micro services (apps or devices) and vehicle monitoring for individual drivers to fully-fledged service packages for fleets enabling the creation of large universal vehicle data platforms for third parties. These services, in contributing to the EU Green Deal’s objectives can significantly help drivers and fleet operators to save fuel, improve safety, increase vehicle uptime, and reduce congestion and harmful emissions from transport.

Read our brochure to explore some TaaS use cases developed by the tyre makers.